Lanch Redmi 13 5G, Price and future

Redmi 13 5G

8 GB + 128 GB, Black Diamond


  • The crystal glass design is inspired from the precious gemstones giving the phone an elegant and stylish look. Each color variant has a different design to it, and is a definite head-turner.
  • The ring flash comes with multiple functionalities. It gives a great look to the infinite camera deco, assists you during creating content, and also helps you as a notification light for calls and alarms.
  • This pattern is an inspiration from the black diamonds that emit a starry pattern when light passes through them or reflects on them.
  • Redmi 13 5G brings a big display for passionate gamers and
  • entertainment enthusiasts to enjoy multimedia at its best.
  • The display’s intelligent AdaptiveSync refresh rate dynamically switches between 30Hz/48Hz/60Hz/90Hz/120Hz as per the content on your screen to give you the desired experience while being power efficient.
  • Giving your smartphone the strength and durability it needs and also giving you a worry-free experience with the smartphone.
  • More pixels, bigger resolution, better memories. Capture every memory in ultra HD with the 108MP Dual AI camera setup. With 3X in-sensor zoom, capture zoomed-in images with no loss in quality.
  • The ring flash helps in imparting a softer light which helps in better photography, videography, and it also helps eliminate the incidence of red eye. All-in-all it’s a nifty feature that helps in making you a better content creator.
  • All-new refined camera UI giving you the feel of a flagship Xiaomi smartphone with intuitive details at the right places
  • Classic film filters modelled after iconic films – KC64, V-250, H-400, KP160, FC400, C-50D, KG200, etc. Perform pixel level calculations and adjustments, giving off a vintage vibe and turning your photo into a masterpiece right away
  • Flagship grade 4nm process enabling increased power efficiency with improved clock speed over the previous gen.
  • Redmi 13 5G gets an upgraded 33W TurboCharge experience and a massive 5030mAh battery that charges your phone to 50% in just under 30 mins. Also comes with a 33W charger in-box.

Redmi emerged as India’s top


– CMR ‘Insights on the Go’ Survey for October 2022

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