How to get 79+ Score in PTE 2024

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a computer-based exam widely accepted for immigration and educational purposes. Scoring a high 79+ puts you in a competitive position for various opportunities. This guide provides a roadmap to success, equipping you with effective strategies and resources to achieve your desired score in the 2024 PTE exam.

Expert Strategies to Achieve a Stellar 79+ Score in PTE 2024

Here’s what you’ll gain:
  • Unveiling the PTE: Understand the exam format, scoring criteria, and essential tips for test day success.
  • Mastering Each Section: Discover targeted strategies to excel in Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.
  • Boosting Your Skills: Explore effective techniques to enhance your vocabulary, grammar, fluency, and pronunciation.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Leverage valuable resources for mock tests, sample questions, and expert-led training materials.

How to get 79+ Score in 2024

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Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to conquer the PTE and unlock your academic or professional goals!

Understanding the PTE:

Before diving into specific strategies, it’s crucial to understand the exam format, scoring criteria, and test day essentials.

  • Exam Format: The PTE comprises four sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Each section assesses different English language skills through various task types.
  • Scoring Criteria: Each skill is assessed on a scale of 0-90, with a minimum score of 50 required in each section to pass. A score of 79+ signifies a “Proficient” level of English proficiency.
  • Test Day Essentials: Familiarize yourself with the test environment, ensure you have the necessary identification and materials, and arrive early to avoid last-minute stress.

Conquering Each Section:

1. Reading:

  • Strategy: Develop strong skimming and scanning skills to locate relevant information quickly. Practice summarizing key points and identifying the main idea of texts.
  • Resources: Utilize official PTE practice materials, online quizzes, and past year papers to hone your reading comprehension.

2. Writing:

  • Strategy: Focus on clear organization, accurate grammar, and varied vocabulary. Structure your essays using introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions.
  • Resources: Utilize writing templates and practice different essay formats. Consider enrolling in online courses or consulting writing guides for detailed guidance.

3. Speaking:

  • Strategy: Speak confidently and fluently, paying attention to pronunciation, intonation, and pace. Practice expressing yourself clearly and concisely.
  • Resources: Record yourself speaking and identify areas for improvement. Participate in mock speaking tests and practice speaking in diverse situations.

4. Listening:

  • Strategy: Develop active listening skills by paying close attention to details and identifying key information. Practice summarizing lectures and identifying the speaker’s main arguments.
  • Resources: Utilize audio-based resources like podcasts, audiobooks, and PTE practice materials to enhance your listening comprehension.

Boosting Your Skills:

  • Vocabulary Expansion: Actively learn new words daily through flashcards, reading, and engaging in conversations.
  • Grammar Mastery: Brush up on essential grammar rules and practice applying them correctly in your writing and speaking.
  • Fluency Enhancement: Regularly practice speaking English, either alone or with others. Describe everyday situations, narrate stories, and express your opinions.
  • Pronunciation Perfection: Pay attention to pronunciation nuances, listen to native speakers, and utilize pronunciation resources to improve your speech clarity.

Practice Makes Perfect:

  • Mock Tests: Regularly take mock tests under timed conditions to simulate the actual exam experience and identify areas for improvement.
  • Sample Questions: Familiarize yourself with different question types and practice answering them effectively.
  • Expert Resources: Explore online courses, training materials, and video tutorials offered by PTE-certified trainers to gain valuable insights and guidance.


Achieving a 79+ score on the PTE requires dedication, consistent effort, and effective strategies. By utilizing the tips and resources provided in this guide, you can gain the confidence and skills necessary to ace the exam in 2024. Remember, practice makes perfect! Dedicate regular time to improve your English language skills and implement the abovementioned strategies. You can conquer the PTE and achieve your desired score with perseverance and the right approach.

Here is the template to get a 79+ score in each module

PTE 7 Each Practice Plan

TasksPractice Every Day
Read Aloud20
Repeat Sentence30
Describe Image3
Retell Lecture3
Essay1-1 ON
Summarise Written TextALTERNATE DAY
Reading BlanksAROUND 15-20
Reading Writing BlanksAROUND 15-20
Reorder ParagraphAROUND 5-10
Summarise Spoken Text2
Listening Blanks10
Write from Dictation30
Highlight Incorrect Words
PTE 7 Each Practice Plan

Understand the Exam Format:

Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the PTE exam pattern, including question types and structure.

Analyze the prompts to understand what is expected in each section.

Utilize reliable resources like the official Pearson website and avoid misleading information.
Practice using the test’s microphone and understand question distribution across modules.

Practice Makes Perfect:

Regularly engage in practice tests to improve fluency, listening skills, and pronunciation.

Repeat after native speakers to enhance listening and speaking abilities.

Read news articles daily to strengthen grammar and vocabulary for writing tasks.

Identify and Address Weaknesses:

Take mock tests (ideally scored with feedback) to identify areas needing improvement.
Focus on specific weaknesses like answering multiple-choice questions, summarizing spoken text, or describing images within time constraints.

Develop Effective Techniques:

Utilize strategies and templates to approach different question types efficiently.
Practice applying these techniques in mock tests to gain practical experience.
Remember, theoretical knowledge requires practical application through practice tests.

Utilize Proper Preparation Materials and Guidance:

Seek guidance from PTE experts or platforms offering scored mock tests with feedback.
Choose reliable practice materials that closely resemble the actual exam format.
Utilize scored mock tests to identify and address remaining weaknesses in your preparation.

Master Time Management:

Practice effective time management through mock tests to navigate the fast-paced exam environment.

Utilize tools like scored mock tests that replicate the real exam’s timing and structure.
Regularly assess your mock test performance to identify areas requiring improvement in speed and accuracy.

Tips to Improve Read Aloud

Here is a template for the Speaking & Writing Module:


This Bar / Line Graph represents/demonstrates / shows / depicts (TITLE OF THE

It also provides/gives/presents information in different categories such as the X-axis represents

(NAME OF THE CATEGORY ON X AXIS) and the Y-axis represents (NAME OF THE

It is clear / clearly visible / crystal clear from the graph that (NAME OF MAX CATEGORY) has the
the highest proportion, which is (MAX VALUE NUMBER) indicated by color.
And, (NAME OF SECOND HIGHEST CATEGORY) has the second highest proportion, which is

Whereas, on the other hand (NAME OF THE CATEGORY) has the lowest proportion

After analyzing the image, it can be concluded that this bar/line graph shows an increasing

trend/decreasing trend/fluctuating trend for (TITLE OF THE IMAGE).


This pie chart represents/demonstrates / shows / depicts (TITLE OF THE IMAGE).

It also provides/gives / presents information in different (TOTAL NUMBER) categories.

It is clear / clearly visible / crystal clear from the pie chart that (NAME OF MAX CATEGORY) has
the highest proportion, which is (MAX VALUE NUMBER) indicated by color.

And, (NAME OF SECOND HIGHEST CATEGORY) has the second highest proportion, which is

Whereas, on the other hand (NAME OF THE CATEGORY) has the lowest proportion

After analyzing the chart, it can be concluded that this bar / line graph shows an uneven
distribution/ equal distribution for (TITLE OF THE IMAGE).


This process/flow / life cycle gives information about (TITLE OF THE IMAGE).

There are number of stages in this process/life cycle / flow chart.

It is clearly seen from this image that,

The 1st stage indicates the process of
Which is followed by ___

That is converted into ___

Which is further transferred to ___

Which finally leads to

After analyzing the image, it can be concluded that this image provides crucial information
about (TITLE OF THE IMAGE). OR In conclusion, it is precise and informative, so
anyone can understand it easily.


Whereas principles of N attribute to N and N, the significance of N would relate to not only N but also N and N, so as not to undermine the implications of N, N, N, N, N, and N as well as N.

Total word count: 43
Number of Ns (Key points): 14


The speaker was talking about __. Moreover, this lecture also sheds light on __. The importance of __ was highlighted, and the concept of __ was mentioned in the discourse. It was evident from the oration that the notion of _ was very instrumental. In conclusion, __ explained the significance of __.

PTE Essay

Every topic has started becoming a major concern with a growing population. Folks have indeed started forming their own ideology based on their own experiences and knowledge and therefore, it has become the talking point that, here and now,( TOPIC ).

To start with, due to outpaced of technology, it has drastically affected one way of living. There are a myriad of arguments in favour of my context and the most conspicuous one lies in the fact that people should be extra careful with their decisions. For example, according to new research, more and more mankind get benefit from the above-mentioned notion, whereas 30% of people face disadvantages due to it. Hence, it is apparent why many citizens are in favour of the above stance.

Nevertheless, change is a part of life and is always required for the progress of mankind. Therefore, another argument supporting my view is that governments worldwide have become more active in dealing with this situation. To illustrate, as per recent academic study conducted by the Australian government reforms. They improved their existing scenario tremendously and that paved the way for the upcoming economy.

from the given topic significantly outweighs the drawbacks. Lastly, in my opinion, it would be wise to say that ( TOPIC ).


Reaching for an opinion requires briefing about issues in detail. Therefore, it is evident that ( TOPIC ).

Tips to Improve Read Aloud

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