Billy Joel Enthusiasts Outraged as ‘Piano Man’ Abruptly Ended by CBS During The 100th Concert Celebration

The atmosphere of celebration at Billy Joel’s monumental 100th Madison Square Garden concert was abruptly soured on Sunday night for numerous online fans. Just as the legendary pianist was passionately performing his iconic ballad “Piano Man,” CBS unexpectedly cut off the performance mid-song. This unexpected interruption ignited a storm of outrage on social media, with “Billy Joel” and “CBS” quickly trending as fans expressed their frustration and disappointment.

Fans frustrated as Billy Joel’s concert abruptly ends due to CBS

Half a century into his storied music journey, Bruce Springsteen was on fire throughout the evening. He was marking a significant achievement – his 100th consecutive show at the iconic Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Back on May 8, 1972, at just 23 years old, Springsteen rocked his inaugural gig at the renowned seaside venue.

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To commemorate this significant occasion, CBS had been hyping up the special event “The 100th: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden – The Greatest Arena Run of All Time” for months. However, fans were left dismayed when the network abruptly ended the broadcast after it started 30 minutes late. This left viewers disappointed with CBS’s handling of the situation.

“Really, @CBS? You cut off the highly anticipated Billy Joel concert special that you’ve been promoting for weeks (which already started 30 minutes late due to golf) during ‘Piano Man,’ right before the most iconic part of every performance, only to show an idiotic commercial? What’s going on, guys?” lamented a fan on social media.

Can CBS really be that clueless? Most Billy Joel fans are over 50, and we’re not exactly cool with them delaying his “live” MSG concert by 30 minutes for some obscure cop show no one’s heard of. Us Boomers tend to get a bit cranky when our bedtime gets pushed back 🙂

Where to stream Billy Joel ‘The 100th’

Did you happen to miss the broadcast of Billy Joel’s 100th anniversary concert special? No worries! In the United States, you can catch the special on-demand through Paramount+ with a SHOWTIME subscription. Paramount+ Essential members will also have access to the special the day after its broadcast. This spectacular event was directed by Paul Dugdale and executive-produced by Steve Cohen and Barry Ehrman.

Joel’s historic concert special was recorded in March to mark his incredible milestone of completing 100 consecutive performances at his MSG residency. CBS has announced that the televised concert will feature beloved Joel classics such as “My Life,” “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant,” “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me,” and the iconic “New York State of Mind.”

This television event is particularly noteworthy because, despite Joel’s illustrious career spanning decades, it marks his debut concert airing on a major broadcast network. As for his residency at MSG, Joel will conclude this remarkable chapter with his final shows scheduled for this July.

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